Another day another problem!

Hi Firstly I’d like to thank all who advised on My FES problem. I have now got some Hypoallergenic ones. :slight_smile:

Today’s problem: nagging back pain. For the last 3 weeks I’ve woken with this pain. Hardly able to stand up straight. With a lot of perseverance & stretching it subsides. Until I sit down, then off we go again. Same thing!

Also My sleep patern has changed dramatically. Alway’s kept busy during the day, often having a cheeky nap in the afternoon. This never effected my nights sleep. Then recently…no energy through the day, no cheeky nap. Two-three hours sleep at night & wide awake. Not able to get back in a pattern…could this be a relaps. Or just par for the MS course???

Linda x :slight_smile:

Hi Linda,

it it doesn’t sound like an Ms symptom but then I’ve only had it four years with no relapses so far.

Can I ask your age? If your of that certain age 40+ could it possibly be the start of your menopause, I am in it and know I started off with constently waking at 3-4 am and not being able to get back to sleep until it was nearly time to get up!

Aches and pains are a common problem too, to be honest when I was dx Ms it was same time as I went into menopause and had horrendous symptoms that I was panicking thinking it was the Ms.

now I on Hrt which banished most of them.

good luck x