Another Bug

Hi, I came down with yet another diarreah and sickness bug this weekend. Started with it Friday afternoon when I had a headache and felt sick. Threw up Saturday first thing and spent most of the rest of Saturday on the loo. I’m amazed there’s any poo left in my body! Still suffering today. I seem to get this sort of bug every couple of months. I think I get the germs from my youngest son. He was brought home from cricket practice on Thursday evening because he didn’t feel very well. He said he had tummy ache, went to the loo, did a poo which stank the house out, then after a few hours was back to normal. With me, it wipes me out for a good 48 hours. Anyone else find they’re picking germs up more easily? Wondering if the heat had something to do with it. Heather

Hi Heather, sorry to hear of your frequent bug related problems.

Guess the germs do thrive in these hot, muggy conditions.

Have you seen your GP about this? As they keep happening, maybe a strong anti biotic will see the end of them.


Getting to see my GP is hard work these days. You can’t book appointments in advance, you have to phone up on the day. If all the appointments have gone, you have to try again the next day. I always ask for a home visit and get interrogated by the receptionist, who usually asks if there’s anyway I can get to the surgery. Last time, she got the doctor to phone me up after morning surgery, incase he didn’t really need to come out. He did in the end, but you’re made to feel as though you’re wasting their time. There’s no wonder more people go straight to A & E.

Hi again. We have to start ringing at 8am to get a same day appointment.

I haven`t actually seen my GP for ages, as I have telephone consultations, ifI dont need to see her.

Any good trying that?


I have to agree Heather. No wonder A & E are busy!!

I know there are a lot of D & S bugs around at the moment and like you say you are probably picking them up from your son.

Like Poll says I always have telephone consultations. The worst part of it is gettng past the receptionist but once you get past her/him then it is simple. Just ask for your GP to give you a quick call when she/he is free. I have also popped a note into reception and asked them give it to my GP.

Hope this helps.

Shazzie xx

Hi Heather, sorry you’re having a rough time of it at the minute, You can’t get appointment for love nor money at my GP, but they do have a dropin clinic in the afternoon where you have to sit around for hours to have 30 second app with GP=NIGHTMARE!! Hope you feel better soon and make sure you are drinking plently of water to keep hydrated in heat and toilet situation BeckyX