annie and dan talk about ms

Hi all

has anyone played the dvd of ‘annie and dan talk about ms’ to their young children? i have just found this and wondered if it was well received.

best wishes to all, fluffyollie xx

hi ollie

sorry but i haven’t watched it.

why don’t you watch it on your own and try to see if you feel it’s appropriate for your kids.

possibly the best would be for it to instigate a conversation about ms with them feeling able to ask questions.

best wishes right back to you

carole x

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thanks carole

i watched it with my 4 and 11 yo daughter and son respectively and aside from being a little bored at times, as was i (there is arguably too much chat which could have been enhanced by some images). my 9 yo son was tentative in watching it, and largely sat in the room outside of view of the telly.

just in case it helps others in a similar situation, i’d recommend getting the dvd as it raised some questions which was a good aspect to watching it as it encouraged discussion, and it certainly explained ms, how it develops and corrects some of the fallacies.

not a stocking filler however!

best wishes fluffyollie xx

hi ollie

glad it worked out well

also glad (as will be your son and daughter) that it isn’t going in a stocking!

be well

carole x