And breathe..............

The tree is coming down. The timetable is returning to normal. The schools are going back on Tuesday. All necessary but enjoyable socialising is done. The travelling went smoothly. (Driving 284 miles on New Year’s day was a good call.) Glad to have done it and now glad it’s all over. No more extra tension-I know where the toilet is.

Happy new year everyone.



And to you Steve. Glad you had a good time after the long drive.

My house has already returned to normality. Everything put back in its place, easier to find.

REst now …



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It’s great to be back to normal. Decorations down (not that I have many) and no more exhausting celebrations!

Driving New Year’s Day was a good idea. The chap who helps me with cleaning, shopping and stuff drove me to my Mum’s on Boxing Day…other side of London…and hardly any traffic going in morning, bit heavier coming back but still easy going.

And breathe…good advice!

Pat xx

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Happy New year to you too. Isn’t it nice to be home again? It’s always nice to go away but I enjoy coming home too. That’s a long journey, don’t envy you doing that. Let’s hope that 2016 brings good things. I have got everything except the tree down. I love the lights but it’ll come down in the next day or two.

Take care

Cath x


all our xmas decorations are down, my partner wanted them down on the 27th so he took them all down,we say each year we will get a smaller tree,but never do,but i really do think that we will for next xmas.Its not my favourite time of year at all.

what gets me through it is looking forward to the spring,i love the spring flowers and the lighter nights, its already getting a bit lighter on a night,not much but its there.

J x


Our tree and deccies came down on Tuesday…they had been up for 6 weeks…hubby`s daft idea!

Back to normal is good!


Back to normal is good…glad its all over.

Pam x

Just got back from my brother-in-law’s birthday lunch, and we’re all done. No responsibilities until the week after next (ms nurse appointment and endocrinologist).

As you say, Steve, time to breathe easy again

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I have been in bed all day and Heather returned our house back to normal, I even slept when she put stuff in the loft only waking her she dropped something.


Sending (((hugs))) Don, hope things improve for you.

Pam x

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Hugs from Hereford Don…they’re not as good as hugs from Margate but they’re better than no hugs at all!

Nina xx

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Hugs from north London Don. Thinking of you.

Pat xx

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