An opportunity to change motability unfairness, get involved

Motability penalises low income mobility scooter users

Responsible department: Department for Work and Pensions

If you are on the Higher rate DLA and choose to use this with the motability scheme the costs are disproportionate to the real costs of buying the vehicle directly. Instances of spending thousands of pounds more and still not owning the product at the end of the 3 year term are very common.

The Government should act to change this by either increasing alternatives, regulating the pricing, or shutting down Motability for Scooters

have your say and help change the system on this government petition:

Hi, while the bigger, top of the range scooters can cost around £7k, others can be purchased new from around £500.

So there is a huge difference in costs.

I have often wondered how this works in payment of scooters.

I`ve had my scooter (paid for privately) 13 years now and had no trouble with it.

Doubt that a car would have such a record, eh?

luv Pollx



Don’t forget the cost includes the vehicle, insurance (with 2 drivers and a £75 xs) and servicing. I really don’t think it’s too bad a deal, if you want a new car every 3 years.

If you can get a better deal then there’s nothing to stop you taking the better deal and keeping the rest of your money. No need for a petition…if people stopped using the scheme because they can get a better deal elsewhere, then they would have to do something to match it at least.

I personally don’t need a brand new car so put some of my DLA towards my 2nd hand car and the rest towards my general living expenses.

Hello Anon,the petition is about the outrageous costs of Mobility Scooters obtained through MoTAbility and is nowt to do with cars.

There are tens of thousands of perfectly servicable scooters languishing in sheds and garages which may need nothing more than new batteries and a ‘good coat of looking at’ to get a needy person onto the pavement for a fraction of the cost of a Motability Scheme Mobility Scooter.


Done x

I selected a randomly selected one from the cheapest and one from the dearest Medium/Large Mobility Scooters on the motability website. Based on their figures I found the following:

“Cheap One”

Pride - Colt ES10
Advance Payment (DLA): £25.00
Weekly DLA rental: £15.40

Cost Year 1 : £825.80
Cost Year 2 : £800.80
Cost Year 3 : £800.80

Total Cost = £2427.40

Cheapest Price Found From Dealer = £880
Saving By Going Private = £1547.40

If this was seen as an interest rate I think it would be a massive 66% ?

Dear One

Days Healthcare - Strider ST6
Advance Payment (DLA):£25.00
Weekly DLA rental: £35.11

Cost Year 1 : £1850.72
Cost Year 2 : £1825.72
Cost Year 3 : £1825.72

Total Cost = £5502.16

Cheapest Price Found From Dealer = £2750
Saving By Going Private = £2752.16


In both instances you save a massive amount by not using motability, and in 3 years time you dont have to give the vehicle up its yours to keep/sell/etc etc…

I reckon something has to change as this is unfairly hitting those who are least able to manage.

One option would would be to let all mobility shops provie motability so that there would be more competitve pricing and the ability to work with a local company? Either way something should be changed. Have your vote here:

done, didn’t do the maths but knew it was more expensive will be reviewing this once contract is finished, but then DWP might stop my DLA you never know