amazing,wonderful thing happened !!!

I am not a fan of christmas and always glad when its over but i just had to share this with you all.

some of you know i have a beautiful little grandaughter who just happens to have autism and is non verbal,she started loosing words at about 2 and hasn’t said a word since…UNTIL… christmas day she was playing with a minnie mouse toy that plays a tune and it makes her cry,she must think its a sad tune and her little face crumples each time,

she started crying as usual and we quite clearly heard her trying to say ‘i don’t like it’…needless to say we were all in floods of tears…she was trying her best to say the words bless her.Best christmas present i have ever had in my life shes our little star, we are so proud of her.

J x


Oh! Bless her. Have you looked at ‘The link with Vitamin D3 deficiency and Autism’ - l am following Dr Coimbra’s Protocol of Vitamin D and Auto-immune diseases. And have seen lots of info on how it also effects babies born to mums with low vitd3 levels.

High dose Vitamin D for Auto-immune diseases and VitaminD3 Protocol North America are excellent facebook groups very informative and friendly.

My ‘baby-grands’ - age 2 & 4 could not come to see me on Boxing Day - they have all gone down with some nasty bug - so it might be next week before they come. They will want to get into the ‘hot tub’ with their arm bands on - but this very cold freezing weather the tub has not heated up enough. lt was very warm on Christmas Day. We put Epsom Salts [magnesium sulphate] in the hot-tub really helps painful muscles and joints.

All the best for 2017 MrsJ and family - and everyone else as well.

Aww Jackie, you had me in tears just reading your message, It means such a lot.

Michelle xx

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Hi Jackie

I had a lump in my throat reading this, what a fantastic present for you and all your family, best bit of Christmas I expect.

I am so pleased for all of you, and hopefully 2017 will see her coming on in leaps and bounds.

Pam x

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That is so lovely, truly. Happy for you all

I used to help with a Riding for the Disabled kids class. It was quite interesting how the autistic kids got on with it. I still remember two of the the two autistic kids by name (Cathy & Jeremy) and that was over 20 yrs ago. My fave was Timmy tho, I think he had a combination of things but with me being one of the responsible adults(!) one day I had to holler for help… that cute thing he used to do to the horse’s mane was actually quite painful When he somehow got my hair instead of the horse’s, my face was pressed against the neck of the horse I was leading & as Timmy was holding onto me, not the horse, I couldn’t even try to get free for fear of pulling him off, he was ony a little one!

If there’s somewhere he could try it, I’d recommend it as all the kids seemed to enjoy it

Sonia x

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Doh! there’s a sentence that doesn’t make sense , sorry! Should say names, not two x

How wonderful for you Mrs J, it’s a really heartwarming message! I’m thrilled for you!

Happy New Year,

Nina x

Jackie, thank-you for my big smile of the day.

Little steps make a big impact.

Bless you, Steve x

HI everyone thanks for all your lovely replies.i am so proud of her bless her,she made my heart melt,she really did.

Happy new year everyone,hope its a good one to us all.

love J x

Hoping 2017 is the year your granddaughter blossoms - all the best for the New Year (and to anyone other readers, of course!)

Jo x