Amantadine making me sleep

Now if I’d taken my first dose of amantadine without knowing what it was for I would have guessed that is is a sleeping pill. Has anyone else experienced this ? Going to a wedding tomorrow so wont be taking it again before I speak to my ms nurse. Very weird

Not experienced it making me sleepy. But it did not help my fatigue either…

Well that looks like a no to Amantadine. after an hour i fell asleep and so I went to bed. Slept on and off throughout the evening and then slept from about 10 til 8.30 with toilet breaks hence the 2am post). This morning my other symptoms which had been much improved are all worse and my legs feel like lead. Very disappointing but onwards and upwards. Have a wedding to go to today !

When I tried amantadine I couldn’t sleep! Then the consultant told me, "Don’t take it after 4pm or you won’t sleep "

I don’t take it at all now!