Am I turning to stone

Help!!! This is the 2nd relapse I’ve had over the past 2yrs. I felt a numbness starting in my left hand 3 days ago, i already have the numbness fully down the righthand side of my body but it has now spread over onto the other half, it covers my body from top to bottom, I have been on steroids for the past 5days for a chest infection, but I have now been put on 10 a day for this episode. Doc says it is my MS relapsing prob due to stress from having an ill father & having to travel a 220 mile round trip twice a week. Has anyone found anything helps other than steroids? I feel like my body is getting pumped up & feels rock solid the minute I get out of bed & a metal rod for a spine. Hope this all makes sense lol.


That makes sense, and sounds like a pretty tough time you’ve got going on. I think your doc may have a point about the stress, and travelling that much is always going to be taking its toll. Do you know how long that’s going to be going on for? If it’s going to be for a while I’d consider taking the odd week off every now & then, to give yourself some rest.

Meditating is well known to be good at relieving stress (you don’t have to be religious to do it) - I’ll send you a couple links that could help. I recently took part in a study that was funded by the MS Society, that was about the effects of mindfulness meditation on people with MS. I found it really helpful, and helps me when I’m feeling stressed.

Another little thing that might help is fake smiling. When we smile, our bodies release so-called happy chemicals, which help lift our mood. However, our brains can’t tell the difference between a genuine smile & a fake smile. So if you spend a minute simply pretending to smile, chances are you’ll feel better for it. Similarly, frowning can have a negative effect on our mood, and it can be surprising how often we frown or hold tension in our brow. So whenever you can, check to see how your brow feels.

Make sure you keep on doing things throughout your day or week that feel like they nurture your soul somehow, or make you happy or relaxed. Also, you can get a couple drugs that help with fatigue (Amantadine &Modifinil), so ask your GP about them.

Hope you get some relief soon.