Am I thinking the worst?

Hey… So I’m not sure if I’m at the right place or even the right forum but I was just looking for some advice from anyone who might understand a bit more about the symptoms I have been having or advice in general. So around 4 weeks ago I began to feel a big tightness and pressure sensation in my head mostly forehead and top of my head. This was the only symptom I had. This would continue all day every day until after around a week when I went to see my GP who put it down to some stress causing tension headaches, this went on for another week when I was also experiencing some other symptoms which included a tight feeling around sometimes one or both of the wide of my head going down into my cheek. I would also start to feel shooting/stabbing pains in my head every now and then, not at the same place each time, in different parts of my head. After becoming quite worried I then had another visit to my GP who then thought it could be cluster headaches/migraines. I wasn’t convinced and by week 3 the tightness began to lift from my head and became a lot more lighter if that makes sense and also the dizziness was no longer constant and just on and off now and again. I then started to have other symptoms which worried me, my arm began to feel heavy, my feet would be cold but feel sweat and clammy, my heart would race, I would feel a strange sensation in my head and behind my eye and I would begin shaking loads. I was also finding it difficult to swallow. Not that my throat closed or anything just had to take a couple of attempts each time to swallow. This happened the first time and lasted around a couple of hours but could not sleep that night due to worry. The following day I felt a bit unwell and that night the same thing happened again but a lot more intense. Since then I have had blood tests which have came back fine and my GP days he thinks it could now he anxiety but now I feel a heaviness in my chest which comes and goes and the only way I can describe it is a “funny bone” feeling in my head, around my eye, arm and leg like that feeling you get when you knock your funny bone but that feeling is there constantly all of the time. Does anyone have any advice of what could be causing this? In the process of waiting for my gp to decide on what tests to do next but in the meantime I have done maybe the wrong thing by looking up symptoms online which has brought up things like brain tumor and MS. My GP still thinks it’s anxiety but at the moment it’s hard for me to believe that. Thanks in advance for any advice from you.


My main advice is stop googling your symptoms. You can’t self diagnose with the dubious ‘help’ of an internet search.

Personally, your symptoms don’t sound much like MS, but then I’m not a neurologist, I haven’t seen you, looked at your history, done a physical examination or seen results of any tests.

So asking us is a bit of an extension to googling symptoms.

All we can do to be honest is sympathise / empathise with your situation. It is a frightening time to have these symptoms of an unknown cause. And we are lucky in a way to have the benefit of the internet to browse through possible diagnoses, but unlucky as well to have the means available to scare the pants off you by doing just that.

I hope your GP is going to either order suitable tests, or refer you to someone capable of making sense of your symptoms and coming up with a diagnosis.


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I think you are looking for something. Can i ask you are you in a good place right now in your life? Look around you are you happy or has something happened?

You see I find it odd that if i put your symptoms into google it comes up with pressure and cluster headaches, and all the other stuff comes up anxiety.

I did not find one little google SPIDER WHO went off and found MS.

You are obviously worried about your health and have arrived with us and our forum and i feel your anxiety and obviously something is going on without doubt.

You have a doctor who is trying to help you. Just say for arguments sake it is anxiety be honest with yourself could it be?

Why not try to deal with this as anxiety or cluster headaches, stop googling and live your life the best you can without all the worry. IF it is MS it aint going nowhere, and with your symptoms you are highly unlikely to have neuro appointment yet.

So my advise very gently to you is to listen to your doctor not Dr Google, and try and find some help for you to cope with these horrible things going on.

when i lost my husband i had all that you are having and knew it was down to anxiety. it scared the poop out of me, it really did i thought i was going to die with the weird symptoms. But i realised it was down to grieving and anxiety and slowly they slowed down and stopped. I would have days when i couldnt breath or catch a breath. A physio showed me how to breath through these attacks and now i can cope much better.

My advise to you is listen to your doctor, look at your life and what is going on around you, and just take a deep breath and find something to do other then google your symptoms.

sending you a big hug. it will get better and if it is something else it will show itself. but sometimes our body try’s to tell us something and we ignore it and look elsewhere for something else which will match just how bad we are feeling right now.