Am I free to go?

Hello Everyone,

I was visited by someone (who looked like a radish) from the DWP in late Feb, and I was asked a host of questions. This was AFTER I had filled in my form and sent this back to the powers that be, expecting either a call up to prove my disability, or a letter to tell me that I was off the hook. But the date is now 23rd April and I still haven’t heard anything. Does anyone know if this means that I can stop biting my nails, and that I am now free?

All replies are gratefully received.

Best Wishes,


Moira get on the phone and ask whats happening.Often they misplace files or a letter wasnt sent out to notify you.Maybe a hickup somewere.But I am not saying any of this is the case.

Ive phoned DLA this morning and instead of the usal 4-6 weeks in most cases there is a back log holding claims back now for 13-15 weeks.

ESA changes are taking affect and there is so much work to be done again it is slowing down claims…

Pick up the phone and call them and then you will know.


Hello Charlie,

Thank you for getting back to me. I will call the DWP tomorrow, when I hope someone there could point me in the right direction. You are probably right - that they have just had so much to do lately. The only thing that wrangles me is that I worry that my letter might be sitting on a neighbours door mat. I will call them tomorrow. Thank you,


Hi Moria.They open at 8 am I belive…

It is possible your letters have gone to someone elses home lets hope they have not.

I had this happen with my TV license last week.Kept sending me letters threatening me,called them up they said I didnt have a license,I got so upset because they had taken the money out of the bank.Found my license and when I looked it had the wrong house number and they had my surname starting with Xx yup Xx,called them again and they changed the number of my house,the first guy kept repeating if you do not buy a license you will be find upto £1,000s I tried asking him questions and thats all he kept repeating.

What I am trying to say is we do not need this stress and upset,it makes our symptoms worse.

Please ring them tomorrow and ask.Let us know how it goes and if you need further help please ask.