Am I ever going to get stronger?

Been going to the gym regulary for 18 monts now. 4 or 5 times a week on avrage, sometimes every day for a couple of weeks, sometimes a few days off, and i really do put myself through hell. for a n hour or so.

No point in going just to stand around trying to look cool, as I’m not. I’m an old lump of lard anyway.

Do lots of hill walking too, albeit a bit slowly. (really hacks me off whan I get overtaken)

After all this time though, I can honestly say that I don’t really feel any stronger in the arms and legs.

Am I wasting my time and efforts, or would I possibly be even worse than 18 months ago if I hadn’t bothered making the effort?.

Thouroughly depreesed with my wretched lousy body.


All the questions you ask are impossible to answer (I think!)

However, life in general is not a competition. Comparing oneself to another is not helpful whether with illness or not. Do you need to achieve a goal? Is it really that essential? Cos if u dont reach it then it gives you opportunity to beat yourself up (mentally) and so the vicious circle begins… How about doing it just cos u enjoy it? Thats a good enough reason in my book! So what if you aint as ‘good’ as u used to be?

I know knitting and running up hills are in no way similar BUT several of my friends are much quicker than me-does that make me useless and a failure? I dont think so cos I am enjoying it.

Several bits of my body dont work at all-easy to think what I could do previously- but why dwell on the cants-I prefer to get on with the cans and with a smile on my face (despite the pain and the effort involved and all other negative stuff)

2 of my friends run up Ben Nevis cos they can. Does that annoy me cos theres no way I could even walk it-not at all! I am happy cos they are doing something they enjoy and brings them pleasure.

So-continue doing what you are if you enjoy it-if not then find somethng that you do like. Sounds too simple? Probably! But then us humans tend to complicate everything and feel that we have to justify what we do. I believe we dont!

Take care, Ellie x

Hi C J

You probably will not get stronger or put on muscle but keep on doing it, perhap twice a week. It keps you mobile; will not in anyway alter disease progression that is of course if your disease is going to progress; may never.

I’m a pugalist but after 40 years I still do my Mr Motivator exercise routine every day from my wheelchair; makes me move; keeps me regular.

Good luck mate.


That’s depressed me saying that.

I’m doing it 'cus, yes, I do enjoy trying to keep a reasonable level of fitness, but also because I have this never ending fight going on to try and show this damned poxy illnes that it will NOT grind me down or beat me.

Absolutely terrified of becoming so disabled that I’ll end up like many unfortunate others do…Housebound and in a wheelchair.


I have no idea who ggood is but what he has said is the truth as he sees it. (I agree with him but you are upset) What he has said is done-the only difference between you and I re his words is how we have interpreted them…So its not the words that are the issue-but how we decide how we feel about them.

I understand what you say re fight etc and he wont beat you BUT from what I am picking up in your words then you never will beat it-let me explain-you dont have to believe a word I say either-just offering you a different way to look at this situation…

Personally I detest the term ‘fight’ for all the connotations that it brings. It implies that you (any person with any illness) can get rid of it. With MS and cancer and many others it can go into remission but I do believe that you cant just get rid of it by fighting it.

When you fight you use alot of energy. When you fight you are angry, ready for battle. A battle that has been lost by definition of diagnosis (in the sense that its now a part of you-you cant get rid of it-no matter how much you want to) So why would you fight yourself?

I understand this attitude initially-been there, done that, got the tshirt but what was I achieving by ‘fighting’? Stress, increased symptoms etc etc so I had to (for my own sanity and those around me!) find a different way of looking at the situation I have found myself in. I accept that I have a life changing incurable illness. I understand that I choose what to spend my precious energy on-and its def not fighting! Thats doesnt make me a soft touch-a wimp! Far from it!

Its up to YOU (reader of this post!)

Just a suggestion-you decide whats right for you.

Have a happy day!

Ellie x


The ‘he’ in the second paragraph should say 'it 'or MS!

E x

C.J. - don’t panic. Anything you can do to keep or increase muscle tone is good. If you do [as I have] have a bad relapse that muscle tone is what is going to get you going again.

Hopefully I can put your mind a wee bit more at rest…although many of us have spells when we have to use wheelchairs only 15% of people with MS are totally reliant on one.


PS - that George Goode has always been a scaremonger

That Sassenach has not the faintest what she is saying; never scare mongered in my life; always faced a problem head on. By the way thanks for giving my name out.

Elle is so right; she says it far better than I do.

Senator Durkin once wrote ‘don’t get angry; get even,’ don’t fight battles you can’t win. Soon medical science will be able to give you the tools to win, until then obey the restrictions your MS lay down. If you oppose them only you will suffer.