am I bovvered?

Hello playmates! Following my respite stay last week, and the letter sent to my neuro by the Medical Director there on my behalf, I have received an appointment.


I last saw a neuro at the local hospital last feb. You may recall that guy was gonna sort out a definite dx for me, after being mucked about big time!

So when is this new appointment?  Well, it`s in July 2012!!!!1 And the time is 4.45pm! Guess the letter put someone`s back up, eh?

But am I bovvered? Nah, not anymore..i know I have PPMS and that there is no cure nor treatment to slow down the progression.

It is what it is and I am what I am! No point fretting over it, I reckon. I`ll just get on with living the best way I can.

luv Pollx

Hi Polly, you can't do any more, there is no point in worry about it and wasting you're life, I've meet you and you know I don't mean this bad, but it is plan to see that you have PPMS, you tkae good care, Jean x



Good old NHS - quick on the mark as ever. OK, yes, I'm being a little unfair (I know they can be wonderful), but it never ceases to amaze me how long it takes to see a consultant on the NHS when I bet you could see the same person privately before Christmas letdown


Let's hope the wait's worth it at least!


Karen x

Poll, when you've had symptoms for years and have disability you seem to get pushed to the back of the line.

Like you I saw a team of Dr's in April who said they would sort out a diagnosis for me or get me to one as near as possible. I'm going to have to chase things up.

You're not bovvered as you know they can't do anything to help you.

Jacqui xx

Hi Jaqui, ta for your reply. I wouldnt have chased them anymore myself, as i didnt see the point.

How long have you been having problems? What are your symptoms and are you on any drugs?

luv Pollx

Hi jean, I`m always pleased to see your name on the forum, as I know you have felt like leaving at times. Me too, but not now.

Lots of luv, Pollx

Hi karen, cheers for your reply.

I rang up to ask for an earlier time, as 4.45pm, plus waiting time, is too late for me in the day. I am ready or already in bed, by that time.

They gave me August…Ha!

luv Pollx

Hi Poll,

            Is there any possibility that you could sue the hospital for the unnecessary stress caused by their FAR too drawn out diagnosis?


Poll, I'm giving your memory a nudge. I was the one who put you in touch with my friend who has HSP when they told you it was HSP.

Symptoms fourteen years, previous optic neuritis, then optic atrophy, spastic weakness in legs and right arm. Also have quite bad chewing and swallowing problems and a peg tube was suggested.

I'm just on symptomatic meds.

Jacqui xx

Sue the hospital? Now that WOULD cause stress…nah, don`t fink so!

luv POllx

HI Jaqui, ta for the nudge. See you and I have been playing this game for the same length of time. I still keep in touch with an HSP pal from Leeds.

luv Pollx