Am I being stupid !

Hi everyone having just joined the forum I can see that there really is not one simple answer to my question but it would be great to get as much information from you as I can nonetheless.

Like it seems most peoples experience I have been having aches and pains etc for some years now. After constant visits to see my GP over these years by a process of seeing him and dare I say it Goggle I was diagnosed as having a hiatus hernia and acid reflux so strangely I felt quite happy finally knowing that I at least had a diagnosis at long last.

I should add that in the course of this whole process I was referred to a neurologist who did not discover anything untoward.Which was great.

So as we all do I just battled on took my medication for the acid reflux and got on with life.Which is what most of us do.

Never really lost the numbness in my feet that caused my GP to refer me to the neurologist but hey he had said there was not a problem so why worry !.

Well literally some years on I am now still getting numbness in my feet but accompanied with back and shoulder pains but worst of all my optician gave me a letter to give to my GP for him to refer me to our local eye clinic.The reason being that the optician feels that I have a cataract developing and I might also have the first signs of glaucoma also developing.

Which is why I have found myself on here because I am wondering whether MS is actually the real cause of my health issues.

accept that this is an advisory forum and only those with the competency are able to give me a specific diagnosis but it would be helpful to learn of your experiences before I go to see my GP seeking finally the reall reason for my health issues.