Am I being paranoid

I work 12hrs a week for a big hardware retail chain, just 3 x four our shifts a week and I have for nearly 3 years now. I’ve had 2 major absences in that time not due to my ms as I wasn’t dx then but to my bi- polar. The first time I put sick notes in only to have them returned my the pay office saying you don’t do enough hours to warrant a sick note, I did the same the 2nd time and the same thing happened. Fast foreword to now I’d been off about 2 weeks and hadn’t submitted a self certain as in thought I’d get it back out of the blue phonecall from s/ visor Jr. Have asked me to ring can you put a self certain in and get a doctors sick note. Me, yes of course, didn’t think anything of it until yesterday phonecall from Jr, we would like to come out and see you, and also I I know it says multiple sclerosis on the sick note but why are you off work? Well I nearly fell off the chair, then my paranoid self kicked in is this their backdoor way to medically get shut of me. What do you think?

I suppose in fairness to them, just putting MS on the sick note doesn’t actually say what is keeping you off work. As we know, it could be one of a hundred different symptoms because MS in itself needn’t stop anyone working. I worked with it for many years but when I did need some time, my sick note said something like ‘vertigo due to MS’ or ‘MS relapse’ and that was sufficient.

It might just be that there isn’t enough information on it so I wouldn’t worry. We assume everyone knows what we are dealing with but in fact, very few people do! Hope you’re on the mend soon.


I probably didn’t give enough information about me I’m dx’x pp and since my dx almost 12 months ago now I have steadily and quite quickly got worse but have carried on working all the way thru, and copied hr in on every letter and every appointment to keep my file current. Even before this episode they knew I was suffering the dreaded ms hug and I was in agony, they know I can only work the 7-11 shift because by 1ish I’m falling asleep I’ve totally kept them informed, I think I’m paranoid because the other girl with rms was made redundant while she was on a relapse. So fingers crossed

hiya db

i agree with what val has said-ms is prob too vague.


Well I clarified which part of my ms was leaping me away, to be told they wanted to come out and visit me. I was fine with that the lady out of her came and the under manager came, good cop, bad cop or what I’m so glad I had my wife to witness it. One saying we really miss you and want you back the other asking don’t you think it’s come to time to finish now and that’s how it went. Anyway few days later phonecall From an external company that looks after occy health seamed to go ok the lady was very nice and very sympathetic. Few days after that an appointment through the post to see a doctor regards my ms. Maybe I wasn’t paranoid after all.

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If you have MS you are automatically classed as disabled under the equality act and therefore have some protection from discrimination under this.

Home Page | Equality and Human Rights Commission and speak to Acas maybe too