Am I alone...

Am I alone in not liking ‘anonymous’ or ‘not verified’? I know I only pop in every now and again but I have never been aware of so many ‘anonymous/not verified’! I think we are a nice wee group of kindred spirts. Trust worthy, honest, helpful need I go on?

I am wishing everyone a very good 2016, take care, be safe and warm. Sending chocolate, flowers and M x

You’re not alone M. Thanks for the chocolate. Have a happy new year.

It’s a confusing time for people with MS & those it effects. Some prefer to be anonymous to avoid others opinions. That’s cool. Everyone has their reason. Some people shout & some whisper. Some choose to write their view, some can’t read or they choose to read between the lines. Until they have their version. Tomorrow it will all be different.

Take care & be well.


Yeh, I`m not chuffed about it either.

But, people do it and feel comfortable with it. As long as no-one uses it to be nasty or difficult, it`s ok.

The Mods would jump on it if they thought it was suspect.


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right back at ya M

wishing all the best to everyone for 2016 …lets hope those of us that are not too good feel better very soon…cos i for one have just about had enough of feeling so cr*p all the time.

J x

You are not alone a lot of people don’t like it. Personally I don’t care who goes Anon as long as they don’t do it to cause trouble. To be honest I’ve got more important things to get worked up about.

Happy New Year.

Jan x


I don’t really mind it unless there is a few different anonymous’s in the thread that I get so confused that I just give up.

Mags xx

Cheers guys, it wasn’t meant to be a criticism just a comment! I wish everyone health, happiness, safety and a bit of luck. Especially if you take a wobble, I can clear a room of people panicking to get out of my way. I hope that’s the reason Any worrying/depressing things you might read, keep in mind no-one gets all the symptoms. One foot at a time and remember to breath M x


I totally agree. However, I have been anon when discussing an issue that may be incriminating. Sorry to be sensible, it happens sometimes.


I think some people feel safer going Anon & then maybe they get more confident & come out of the Anon Closet. I’m ok with it.

One foot at a time and remember to breath is great advice M!!!

Happy New Year!

Pat xx