Alternative form of ''therapy''

Hello my sisters and brothers, its been ages since I was here last. To all who remember me I am so SOOO sorry for not being around but my daughter Princess Hanna (not real name but princess to me!!!) has just started her primary school, and its been really busy with my voluntering so no time to get back and chat with you all!.Have I accepted my Dx 4 years ago…no…still believe its better to try and ignore whats so obvious. I stopped taking all those supposed medications (anti-depressants) because they just make you feel a LOT worse!!!. I am sure it works and helps many people, however I find it sad how especially in primary prog its usually the only option available even with the dreaded fatique. I have tried cannabis and I am sorry but that helps even with fatique and everything else !!.The problem I have now is the person who I went to a left the country, which has left me in a delimma? I’m sorry to ask but can anyone help a London chap.

Much love and look after yourselves…

Hi, perhaps it`s not the right place to ask, eh?

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