Alone and grumpy.


Usually I can get over the low points, and jump a little higher to reach for some comfort, but the last few days I cannot even do that. Cut myself off from friends and work colleagues, just want to be by myself. Going through what looks like 4th relapse in 9 months. Going to spend weekend contemplating how to move on, what to change for the better, can’t see it for the fog at the minute but will start trying.

Guess this is the start, been sat with this message open for over an hour.

Hoping will be able to feel more limbs in the morning, and wake up without the feeling of trepidation.

Thanks for reading… Sorry for moaning,

Jo x

Hey Jo

One of the many uses of this site is we get to moan/vent/rage against whatever.  ((((hugs))))


Well its Saturday night, and if you are feeling bad and on your own anyone would be down. Just hope you have got some anti D`s to tide you over, they really do help.


Big hug.




Sometimes a moan is the only thing that helps

Come over to the virtual bar and have virtual drink with the rest of us

We need a ‘HUG’ smilie