Almost diagnosed

Since February 2013 I have been on the MS see saw. At first the shock caused me so much anxiety I had to leave my job. Then my neurot told me she didn’t think I had MS for18 month even though there were lesions & symptoms fitting MS. In Oct 14 she referred me to another neuro at a different hospital who I believe was more experienced, just so he could give his opinion on the scans. Straight after reading my notes he told me he was 99% certain that I did have MS, but he would like me to have another brain scan as well as a spinal MRI with dye. Yesterday was results day, the scan showed significant change on right frontal lobe but because they were 2 different types of MRIs he didn’t want to confirm MS yet even though he is now 99.9% certain I have RRMS although I can never actually pin down an actual relapse over the years. Tiredness is my main problem as well as burning feet, word finding problems, memory problems & more recently tingling in face & week left side when walking. He said he will decide after a lumbar puncture. He also said he would decide on Dmds after lumbar puncture even though he didn’t think I’m bad enough for Dmds yet. So I’m know even more confused than I was to start with.

But have you ever see an elephant fly…? I find tiredness leads to word finding problems and memory problems. Congratulations ??? on your almost dx. Hope you get definitive answer soon. Take care Andy

Your neuro needs to have the results of the LP to, maybe, give you a firm diagnosis

The aim of DMD’s is to lessen the amount & severity of any future relapses you may have…your neuro will probably discuss with you if they would of any help.

Good luck