All terrain transport

Hi, bit of a big ask here - can anyone recommend an all terrain, collapsible (i.e. can break down to get into a car), not too mobility scooter looking bit of transport. I am still a little mobile - walk with elbow crutches - but last year was a bit of a failure at the festivals as i didn’t have the energy to get about. Since then I’ve broken my back (legs gave way in the bathroom - such a failure as an exciting story). I’m still mobile but go no distance at any speed and still in pain a lot. Have tickets for two festivals. Any suggestions as to how to get about appreciated. Mx


I have a Tramper. It’s a beast but it is superb off and on road. Of course, it needed its own trailer but I took it on several holidays and it was brilliant. Not so brilliant was the price; over £7000 with the trailer.

It is now laid up awaiting sale; due to current circumstances, I have no more use for it.

Smaller vehicles may need an Internet search, especially for folding ones.

Best wishes.


Trekinetic. But you would need help to get it in car and out. And around £10,000.

the first 3 mins of this video show how it goes in a car

read some reveiws

Expensive? Yes. Worth it? Every penny!!