All MS drugs banned.

If that did happen what would you do to try to to offset the problems m.s. may bring  --  diet, exercise, alternative therapy?

Could these ever be as effective as the drugs presently available?

What, like if the world economy imploded, and the exchequer cupboard was bare, and utilities and public services had collapsed?  In that case, I and everyone else would be too busy trying to light fires to boil up gravel for soup to be bothered with new hobbies, I expect.



Hmm, interesting point. But, no I doubt very much that I could abide the nerve pain and spasms which amitriptyline and baclofen help reduce.

But did you mean these types of drugs/symptoms?

i wonder if you were thinking more about DMDs?

luv Pollx

I like your answer…boiled up gravel…yeuk!

luv Pollx

When you say "all" MS drugs, I assume you are talking about those for symptomatic relief as well, and not just DMDs?

Personally, no, I don't think "all natural" self-help remedies could ever be as effective as the drugs.

Stretching exercises help me a tiny bit, but if I was reliant on those alone, and no baclofen, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be able to walk - or certainly not as well as I can at the moment.  I only need to see what happens if I forget a dose to realise how bad I'd be, and that is with doing plenty of exercise as well.

Exercise by itself?  Not a chance!  I'd be housebound in no time.

Same with pain relief.  OK, I suppose the painkillers I take are not MS-specific drugs.  My pain is mostly musculo-skeletal, so maybe drugs for that would not be banned in your hypothetical universe?

But if they were, I don't really see acupuncture, meditation, hypnotherapy etc. as ever providing a complete replacement.  I daresay they'd be better than nothing at all, if that was the choice, but I don't think I'd be in a very good state if I couldn't take a painkiller, ever.  I doubt I'd still be working, for a start.

As for diet - other than a healthy, balanced diet that's beneficial for everyone, I'm afraid I'm not a believer in diet as therapy for MS.  I do try to make sure I get enough fruit and vegetables, and not too many saturated fats.  I'm also conscious that the heavier I am, the more strain I'm putting on my already feeble muscles, and the more energy I'm wasting, just dragging myself about.  So from that point of view, it does make sense to eat sensibly, and not allow myself to become obese.  I do pop a few supplements too.  I'm not convinced they do any good, but they might, and at least they're unlikely to be doing harm.  But would I like to rely on that alone, and not have any prescription medicine whatsoever?  No way!