All advice gratefully received

Hello, first thank you for taking the time to open, I hope you read on…

My husband has ppms and towards the end of last year had a foley catheter fitted as I could no longer manage transferes to use the throw away catheters. However we have had problem after problem with this type, since its been fitted-infections, blockages etc. Which results in constant changing and call outs to the district nurse. He never wanted to have an op to have the supra-pubic catheter fitted but it seems as though this may be our only option.

My questions are have you or a loved one got one (maybe swapped as well)? Have you/they had problems with it? What problems? How often have problems occured? Etc etc. Any advice would be gratefully apprieciated as we are struggling to cope with the one he has now. But just would like some more information from ppl that are in a similar position to us.

Thank you for you time.


sorry melanie but i don’t know

but at least its given you a bump up