All aboard

There is another passenger on the Good ship MS.

had my official diagnosis last night.

its relapse/remitting so I am working on my issues so I can return to my new normal.

welcome aboard Dr Arkham.

the ride can get a bit choppy but you’ll find your sea legs soon enough.

bon voyage!!

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Ahoy Capt’n A, and avast behind. (I’m sure you don’t have one really.).

I’m sorry that you have received the offer you couldn’t refuse to come aboard.


This sort of levity is all your fault, Dr A. You shouldn’t encourage us.



Welcome aboard. Hopefully we’ll have calm waters and not too bumpy a voyage.

Make sure you sort out your life jacket (aka disease modifying drugs) and that the navigator (MS nurse) has plotted the course correctly.

Mutinies (relapses) are always possible, so watch out for trouble makers amongst the crew.

See the Captain (neurologist) for any pointers as to destination and rules of the vessel.

Any questions and thoughts could be addressed to the experienced crew (aka old sea dogs), first mates Carole and Alison are good for morale and answers about stormy conditions, gaining sea legs and overcoming sea sickness. Other crew members will also do their best to advise new cabin boys (and girls).

Being made to walk the plank has gone out of fashion these days, as has lashing with the ‘cat ‘o 9 tails’ for rule infractions.