Alexa... Not ms, just for fun!

Of you ask Alexa if she speaks Klingon, she will answer in Klingon!

How do you know it’s Klingon?

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There is a translator on line!

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I speak a few words of Klingon (long time Star Trek fan)… but I can only threaten and swear in Klingon. Seems apt, somehow…

You could have a chat with Alexa!

…well, she does not speak dutch either or?.. I said ‘Alexa, speel muziek’ (dutch for ‘play music’)…, and she tells me that m-u-z-i-e-k is spelled… m-u-s-i-c…what?! So, she knows dutch but spells it in english?? Are the Russians to blame for confusing me?.. In that case they might interfere in tomorrow’s elections! We’ll see…

jaj . raD ghaH . soH

’ may the force be with you’

just in case your universal translator isn’t working!

? Is Bletchley Park still operational?

Yes. But I’m not allowed to talk about it.

Just as well you are Anonymous! Shhhhh

…sh…ugar! I can also no longer ask my contact at GCHQ!..

Oh go on. You might get away with it.

But you might have to spend a few years in a South American Embassy.

No problem… The dutch ‘embassies’/ ‘consulates’ I went to in the past (B’ham and near Cardiff… which was at the back of a shop…) were both ‘manned’ by miserable people… just imagine me entering, limping but with a big smile, ready to meet up with my fellow dutchmen, then to be disappointed as they were as miserable as hell on both occasions!..

However, I have heard that Julian Assange was at least treated with respect (is that why he stayed that long…), although I am of course less interesting than our swedish friend, who did not/ does not suffer from (short term) memory loss etc etc etc (or maybe he did and went to the wrong embassy!?..).

BTW, I am still not sure (as I have not bothered in all honesty, as the UK are part of the EU…till the 31st of january that is…) if I am automatically allowed to stay after having been here for the last 24 years?!..(please do not send me back!..). Anyway, for that reason, I might be on the news in the near future… If not I’ll try the London marathon next august (?) to get publicity, as I might arrive a week later? (totally fatigued out…if I DO arrive of course…).

Bla bla bla, what was the subject again? Anyway, take care in the New Year and do not drink too much, something I will probably do myself AND regret -again?- soon after…

So in advice please forgive me, LOL. So if you have a slap stick sense of humour you might like this, our niece bought us 1 of these for Christmas, great little device, anyway she told us it can FART, no way I said, so she said try it, which we did, OMG I couldn’t stop laughing, not only does she do it, she has a whole range of them. Please ignore if this offends, :slight_smile:

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Well, that kept hubby amused for a while!

That’s amazing, I’ve been wondering what the point of Alexa is, ever since she came home with Mr Sssue. She can fart as well as speak invented languages. While refusing to speak actual languages in spite of understanding them. So basically just like a rather irritating teenager. Why not invite such a creature into your home?


Greenhouse, funny you should mention that. Husband, in his bored channel surfing moments o(Amazon fire stick) asked Alexa to make farting sounds. She complied. Amidst hysterical laughter, he then asked for various specifics, ie Squeaky farts, explosive farts etc.

He’s very easily amused.

Glad it kept him amused, I mean in our lives everything can be so serious, so to have a good old chuckle is great, wonder what other amusing things she can do, let me know if you find out

…Alexa must have been very busy yesterday! My unfortunate daughter-with-severe-learning-difficulties found out too… (I think I was to blame, forgetting -…- my daughter is an ‘established copycat’…). I cannot remember having laughed that much and you know what… that is priceless!

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Well there you go. Laughter is always good. Thank you Alexa!

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