Alan Johnson MP

Highly recommend Alan Johnson Biography ‘This Boy.’ Maybe it’s me being our lives seem to coincide (feel sorry for him where did his go so wrong).

I sent him an email about his new chapter of his life ‘Please Mr Postman’ what a gentleman to reply.

Dear George

Many thanks for your e-mail. We seem to have been living parallel lives, although I was very sorry to hear about your diagnosis with MS.

I did go to the Ricky Tick at Windsor, although that was while I was living in London (I went to see The Yardbirds play there). As for Rod the Mod, he was the unknown lead singer of the Jeff Beck Band when I last saw him at the Marquee Club in Wardour Street. Unknown that is to the general public; to people like you and I he was famous before his fame, so to speak.

I’ve got no intention of going to the Lords, but you are absolutely right about reform of the Second Chamber. It’s amazing how the unelected Members of the House of Lords have managed to push this off for nigh on 100 years, as political parties express their determination and then fail when it comes to actually doing anything.

Hope you enjoy the book.

Best wishes.

Yours sincerely

Rt Hon Alan Johnson MP

Sent: 07 September 2014 15:29
Subject: Your new book

Dear Alan,

I have just seen the preamble of your new book ‘Please Mister Postman’ and wait with bated breath to read the book.

You probably do not remember but I was also born in Paddington General; lived in Southam Street; was a Mod and went to clubs in Soho.

Now I see you lived in the Britwell Estate? Well I moved to Staines and my old stomping ground was Burnham Beaches as my ex came from Tuns Lane; just before Slough Trading Estate. Did you ever go to the Ricky Tick at Windsor; I remember seeing Rod Stewart as backing singer of Long John Baldry?

I know a little about how involved you were with the Communication Union and I was very involved with the GMB being a rep a Heathrow Airport (BA).

This is where our lives diversify as I was diagnosed with MS in 1973 so have been involved with this.

Reform of the upper chamber must happen but you will be a Lord; you should have become Labour leader in my estimation.


hi george

what a surprise that there are still gentleman politicians!

great that you can call him a buddy

think i need to order that book

carole xx

I will show my husband this link George. He has a lot of respect for Alan Johnson, and I’m sure, will be interested to read his Biography.

What a lovely guy to respond to your message.

Noreen x

Hi George,

This is a book I have been meaning to read for a while. I have always had a lot of respect for Alan Johnson and I would have been happy to have him as Labour leader.

He has always came across as being a gentleman and I am glad he has lived up to expectations.

The Labour Party needs more people like him.

This has spurned me on to read his book.

Mags xx