Ah the sunshine

Doesn’t anyone just wish they could enjoy the sunshine instead of dreading it??

i used to love getting into a pair of shorts and choosing a bikini for the upcoming holiday. Now the hot weather feels me with dread and worry about how I will cope

Sunshine, oh yes! I never have liked it too hot but nowadays I only go gardening in the morning unless there is a breeze. I hate it when, with beads of sweat rolling down my face that is redder than a freshly pulled beetroot, people look at me and say ‘It’s not that hot’ my reply to that one is ‘It is in my world!’ I swear I’m the cause of global warming, then in the winter I can only be described as morgue material Roll on Spring!

I’m sorry to hear that this wicked disease has snatched from you the thing you love, but try not to worry about it too much, there are plenty of ways of coping, from wearing those shorts and a bikini top, just as you would do normally, to investing in some cooling devices, like a oscillating stand fan ( best thing I EVER bought), or cooling pillows, vests and sprays, ( Amazon is an excellent source of these things) so that you can carry on enjoying the weather when you feel up to it. Don’t let MS take charge of you, try your hardest not to let it rule your life.

Unfortunately, and personally speaking, I’ve never been too keen on warm weather, even before I was diagnosed. Now that I’ve been ‘promoted’ to SPMS ( so to speak), even the slightest bit of heat - which even includes a hot curry ( which I used to LOVE, btw, the hotter the better!) makes me long for a walk in fridge, where I could happily stay for the rest of the summer. Unfortunately, I would need to win the National Lottery to pay for it, so I will content myself with gallons of cold water, as many ice cubes as I can eat wear or carry, and putting my nightclothes in a plastic bag in the freezer before letting them thaw out at bedtime.

Drastic times =Drastic measures!



PS My Blog is called A Hundred Thousand Snowflakes and Me. ( O the irony.)

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