Advise needed on tests

Hi, I’ve recently been diagnosed with optic neuritis and been told I have a 50/50 chance of developing MS. I’ve been offered tests to try and get more info on the likelihood of that happening and I’m struggling to decide what to do. Has anyone had these? If so how helpful did you find them? And does anyone know just how accurate they are?

Any info is appreciated, thanks

Hi there . I’m assuming this would be an mri ? Do you know what I wouldn’t even get the tests , but that’s just me .

I have had a MRI but my Dr said it would be another scan on my neck and a lumbar puncture. Thank you for your help though…others opinions do help I’m just really unsure what to do as I don’t know quite how accurate they are.

Hi Laura, if you feel that you need, or want, to be diagnosed your neuro would require you to have some more tests that possibly could lead to a definite diagnosis…maybe MS, or something else. Without the tests you won’t know what is wrong with you…depends how keen you are to know.

Personally I’d always prefer to know what I was up against, but that’s just my choice.

Good luck

Rosina x

I think it would be wise to get it checked out. Only because the thought now is to treat RRMS early with DMDs and this will help reduce disability later on.

Moyna x

I have been in a similar boat. The neurologist recommended leaving well alone and just hoping that the single episode would be the end of it, but said he would proceed with MRI etc straight away if I insisted. I was happy to accept his recommendation, and so we left it there. In my case, sad to say, the second episode did come along in due course, at which point the testing process went into full swing without further ado. I’m still glad I didn’t rush headlong into tests at first though. No point chasing after trouble, or so it seemed to me then, and still does.

Good luck with whatever you decide.


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