Advice please if you can help?

Hi I am a bit new to all this so am looking for a bit of advice please. I have an amazing friend who is living with relapse And remitting MS and he is one of the strongest people I know. However he has a decision to make about his drug treatment:

  1. Keep injecting Avonex once a week
  2. Change to Aubagio tablets
  3. Change to Techfidera tablets.

His biggest issue, aside for the fatigue, is his walking. We’ve read the leaflets, looked online but wondered if you could share on your page to get real life experiences?

Ultimately it’s his decision but it feels a massive decision to make!
Thank you
Julia x

hi julia

we are all different with different experiences of ms and the treatments.

i was on copaxone for 4 or 5 years then switched to tecfidera.

none of the treatments makes walking any better.

what your friend needs is physiotherapy from a neurological physio.

look at it as electrical versus mechanical faults.

electrical = nerves

mechanical = such things as walking.

neuro rehab, which will be available at his hospital. is what he needs and his ms nurse can refer him for this.

thanks for being a good, supportive friend

carole x

Welcome Julie, great that you are trying to help your friend. As you have probably worked out by now ms is the 'no answers condition. Personally I am on Tecfidera. I did have some tummy issues near the start, but all good since. I chose it simply as it seemed to say it had the best % rate of what I was allowed. But, that was just from what I read, I am no expert !

Once again welcome