Advice please if possible

Hello everyone,

Haven’t been on here for a while - I think the last time was when I had been told that I had a benign menigioma. Well since then, I have had another MRI and it has literally taken months to be told that there is no menigioma but what they could see are areas of high definition in the gray matter on the right side of my head. There is also intense calcification.

My GP was told this by the radiologist because the neuorologist that I saw last October wasn’t that concerned because when I went to see him, he only wanted to know how I was on that day and none of my previous symptoms. He only sent me for the MRI in case they had missed something and said that the meningioma was nothing to worry about.

Well since the MRI which was last December - he hasn’t bothered to answer my GP’s letters. The last my GP heard was that they were going to discuss me in a multidisciplinary meeting then report back - but still nothing.

I have asked for a second opinion as I have no faith in this trust and have asked to go to Cardiff where the specialists are but my GP says it is unlikely that the trust will pay for this.

So - does the above make sense and - areas of high definition in the gray matter.

Could be anything or nothing - I just want closure really

Many thanks for reading


so sorry alison,

thats no way to leave you.

i dont have any answers but why dont you post on everyday living.

that seems to be a busier board.

good luck

carole x

I think it’s absolutely diabolical that your case has been neglected like this :frowning: Have you at least had your calcium levels tested to see if they are contributing to the problem? If they are high and no one bothered to advise you to get them checked, I feel a serious complaint if not a lawsuit coming on :frowning: I’m not sure what they mean by “areas of high definition” - could there be a word or two missing or wrong? I hope your GP is creating as much noise as necessary to get you an urgent appointment with someone who can explain what is going on. Don’t accept any platitudes - someone screwed up; you’re owed! Let us know what happens please? Karen x