advice please esa appeal

I am appealing against atos assessment which has put me in the work related activity group as I feel I should be in the support group. I have written a four page letter explaining my condition, but my handwriting isn’t what it used to be. I don’t know if I should send it handwritten or print it out from the computer. Advice anyone? Deb

If it’s legible, send the handwritten version since you’ve already done it, but a letter by yourself will probably change nothing. You need to fight their “medical” opinion with a real medical opinion - letters from your GP, OT, physio, etc, (whoever you can get!) saying what your worst symptoms are and, specifically, that you are unable to work and should be in the support group. Good luck! Karen x

I agree with what Rizzo said. I’ve just won my appeal a few weeks ago but only on the descriptor that I can’t walk more than 50metres. The appeal panel ignored all the other descriptors including all details about my chronic fatigue. I did get my GP to write confirming my mobility problems and I had the neurologist comment on his report that my mobility had been severely affected. But there again, he also mentioned my disabling fatigue. You can also appeal under Regs 35 which states that being forced to undertake Work Related Activity would make your condition worse. I can give you more details on this if it would help.

l failed the assesment and applied to appeal against their decision six months ago and they still havent got back to me yet. They must have a backlog and its going to run over past April when the PIP starts. lncidently if anyone is worried or affected by the bedroom tax starting in April there is a discretionary payment made by the local coincil which the Times mentioned earlier in the week. F. xx


I won my esa appeal after contacting my union who sent me a booklet telling me how to fill the forms in. It’s worth doing. I can mail the books if you want.

Good luck