Advice on Copaxane

I am about to start treat with Copaxane (not my preferred choice) but due to having a previous splenectomy they have advised I start this until they can get some advice of an hematologist regarding my splenectomy.

I have read all the info on Copaxane and the side affects sound horrible and at the moment my symptoms are quite mild.

I took Copaxone for about 5 years and never had any side effects at all. As opposed to three other DMDs which each gave me different side effects that meant I couldn’t take them.

The main thing is to rotate your injection sites. At the time I took it, I had skinny arms so tended to avoid using them to inject into. The best places were the fattes bits. Which on me were my bum and thighs. So I’d do one in my right thigh, the next in my left thigh, then my butt. Every once in a while I’d do my stomach. But I was a skinny creature in those days, so wasn’t so keen on that.

People often get some ‘flushing’. It happened to me once and never again.

Out of all the DMDs, I think the best in terms of side effects is Copaxone. Reading the possibilities does make for unnerving feelings, but in most cases, apart from injection site reactions, or problems caused by not rotating the sites, it’s a good drug.


I’ve been on it since 2013 with no side effects. All the best x

Thanks Sue x

Thanks Lisa, I have had my first injection this morning, slight stinging for about an hour afterwards but OK since then