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Hi everyone,

I’m after some advice,

I had a massive Heart Attack in 2014 which they didn’t think I would survive, I was in Intensive Care for 2 weeks but thanks to a fantastic medical team in Gran Canaria I survived (I was on holiday in Lanzarote they airlifted me by air ambulance thinking I wouldn’t live).

My question is: has anybody heard of a heart attack causing Neurological problems my Vitamin B12 & D were next to nothing in Intensive Care , has this caused it?

Also, I have to wear Long Johns all the time because my legs are always freezing is this also linked.

Any advice would be much appreciated

Thanks Ian

Hi Ian,

I’m afraid I don’t know if a heart attack specifically can cause neurological issues, but if it was a massive one as you say then I could easily imagine that it could.

Vitamin B12&D deficiency on the other hand definitely can and as my consultant neurologist recently explained it to me (just about to have blood tests done) you can be running on ‘almost empty’ with these vitamins for a long time functioning normally and then if the levels drop below a certain level all the symptoms suddenly come on. So it may be that you had low levels for a while beforehand and perhaps this has caused your current issues.
What symptoms are you experiencing at the moment other than the cold legs?

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RE cold legs. Are they actually cold or is it an internal feeling? I understand that some secondary nervous system can send corrupt info to the brain. In my case if the ambient temperature is below 10 C my body does a couple of things, sometimes my legs / hands / feet feel cold to me but if I get my wife to check, they feel a normal temperature to her and other times they feel like blocks of ice to me and my wife confirms that they feel icy cold to her too. I know this does not help but at least you know you are not the only one with internal thermostat issues. Mick

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Thanks Charlotte, Im also crap at my balance , my walking is very limited ,I have an electric wheelchair when i go out , i also get shaking legs & my sleeping is rubbish etc. but because of the multitude of medication for my heart i cannot take any meds for the pains in my legs, i did try some from the doctor but my heart went into all sorts of rhythms which the doctor said its too dangerous to continue taking them. so he said i just have to get on with it.

thanks again for replying

take care X

Thanks Mick