Advice needed

Hi I’m wanting some advice please. I’m currently come off All medication… I was on Tysabri (23 months) then back on Betaferon but came off everything due to nasty side effects of both treatments. I am just taking pregab at night and topiramate ( migraine) I am now suffering with bladder problems and horrendous bloating and fluid retention… I’m still working ( own business) but struggling with weight, pain (ms hug) and bladder ,…fluid retention. Can anyone offer help, advice on these issues I would appreciate it, I’m also not sure if just having relapse as both feet numb and falling over all the time ( not had relapse for 2 years) … So may be on steroids tomorrow ,!, Thank you


There has been research showing that people (not sure whether it’s everyone) suffer 'rebound relapses when they come off Tysabri. This may be what you are experiencing. Were you warned that this was a risk you would face?

Don,t hesitate to refer to a Continence nurse…they can get you going on self catheterising ( could be temporary )

You will feel a whole lot better if you are not retaining

You do not need a referral, look the Continence Service up in your local area or for a faster app see gp or if really desperate go to A & E