Advice needed

Hi All,

I need some advice.

About 5 years ago I had some issues with my eyesight, I had laser surgery to correct retinal tears. About 6 months ago I suddenly became aware that I had a large blind spot (sort of crescent shaped on the left hand side of my vision).

I have since had another tear repaired, and after thoughts from the doctor that it could be a tumour pressing on my optical nerve, and MRI scan which showed no tumour, however did mean that MS was suggested, however due to my eyes bother having the same blind spot (now not allowed to drive) and not being colour blind.

Over the years I have been aware of other possible symptoms.

Currently I often experience numbness down one side of my face, pain in my eyes.

I also find my legs sieze up when I sit down for too long.

I have other health conditions, underactive thyriod, vitiligo, hypermobility syndrome, spondylotis to name but a few.