Advice needed

Hi Everyone, I am new to the site and created the account because me and my family need some advice. My Grandad has had MS for around 30 years now but in the last year he has deteriorated. He has carers coming in throughout the day to get him up in the morning put him to bed at night and for toilet visits during the day as my granny can no longer do this by herself. Even though he is brought to the toilet during the day he always feels as if he has cramps like he is constipated and constantly wants to go to the toilet! (Nearly every 30mins) when he gets there however he doesn’t need to go anymore! I wanted to know if anyone has heard about this before? We don’t know if its a habit thing or if he has actually got cramps! Me and my family would really appreciate any comments and help that you may have! Thanks X

Hi, firstly I want to say what a lovely caring granddaughter you are, to show such love for your family.

I`m really sorry to hear how your dear granddad is suffering.

It does sound like he is constipated. But with carers coming in a set times, this could be making things worse. I get constipated and never know when I am going to go. I try to go when my morning carer is here, but it cant be guaranteed...........bodies dont work like that, eh? Also having someone waiting for you to go can be off putting. Its a difficult situation when we cant just get ourselves to the loo, whenever we`d like to.

I take movicol (laxido) in a morning and eat a high fibre diet, with lots of water. Does your granddad drink enough?

Does he use any laxatives at all?

I think he needs to see his GP. Bowel problems shouldnt be left untreated hun.

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