Advice needed traveling from gatwick to London with mobility scooter

i am traveling from Dublin to London on Friday with my 12 year old daughter to stay with my sister in Wimbledon. This is a birthday treat for my 12 year old and when I booked a couple of weeks ago I could have managed it with a stick. Sod’s law I am having a bad time at the moment and legs very weak uncoordinated, so I have to take my travelscoot (lightweight foldable mobility scooter).

i never use trains and have no idea if there is provision on the gatwick train for a small mobility scooter, I don’t want my 12 year old embarrassed or upset, so if any of you lovely people have any knowledge about same I would be very grateful.



I’ve travelled on the trains in the south with my wheelchair and have seen passengers with quite large scooters on there so you should be fine. Check out the accessibility statement at the link above. In my experience, the train staff are quite helpful, particularly if you contact them prior to your journey. There is a change at Clapham Junction for Wimbledon, but this is also an overground station so you should be OK.

Enjoy your trip

Hi Ann,

Not trying to be degrading seabirds advice; which I’m definitely am NOT but

  1. A Travel scoot is not for this type of journey
  2. If your youngster is the type who looks after his mum and does not wander you have a chance.
  3. Clapham Junction can be rather busy and not good if you do not know where you’re going

I recommend you contact who may be able to collect you at Gatwick and take you to your sisters. If they can’t ask them if this service exists?

Good luck


There is usually a good coach service at airports. Wouldn’t they be easier then trains. National Express is one.

Ann, Yes there is a coach from Gatwick to Victoria - and another ‘Easybus’ - contact them and see. They run several an hour.

lts always easier to take a fold up scooter on a coach.

Enjoy your trip.

To be honest, as long as you contact the travel companies in advance to organise a bit of help I would say a Travelscoot is perfect for this type of journey. Planning ahead is everything.