phoenixjewels Is trying to ply her trade here and sell people jewlery on the forum,can she be banned and her posts removed please.

I work on computer forums and we get spammers like this all the time they are deleted and banned,why do we not have a button to report a post to admin?We do have them on a computer forum we also do not have a report a perons profile.

Please delete this thread once you have read it and blocked and removed its post by this scammer/spammer.


I agree no place for selling.

we do however do have a 'report thread' bottom right hand corner.

I didnt want to report the thread just a single post and a person.We need a report post button and report user button like we do on computer forums,it can be added as I am admin on the PC forums I know exactly how they run.

Jellybean The report bottun is on each comment box, it is beside the quote icon looks like a ! I too have noticed her trying to sell her stuff, I have reported her. This is ment to be a place to come to offer or received advice and support, not be bombarded with ignorant sellers. Ppx

Oh is that little triangle upside down the report button?


Oh so it is it dont look like a report button to me.More like a help button.Ive not seen that sort of button before,eeesh am I that blind I did not notice it before?

I only noticed it a few weeks ago when I hit it by accident! I wanted to use the quote instead, good job I didn’t report the poor poster on that occasion! Ppx

My eye site is so bad my child had to read my bank card numbers out to me yesterday....