Addenbrooke’s hospital

So, saw neurologist today who confirmed i have RRMS and is going to refer me to Addenbrooke’s for discussion re treatment.

Just wondered if anyone on here goes to Addenbrooke’s and what they are like/might offer.

Thanks as always


It’s good to know your neurologist confirmed the letter. Obviously it’s bad to have MS, but better to hear it from the horses mouth (so to speak). I hope you’re feeling OK about the confirmation Carole.

Sorry, I have no idea about Addenbrookes Hospital, but I’m sure that just like any other, there are good and bad things about it. Hopefully you’ll soon get started on a disease modifying drug (DMD).

To start you off, have a look at You’re not likely to have a completely free choice of drugs. It all depends on how ‘active’ your MS is being, plus what therapies the neurologist th8nks are the best for you. Ultimately, you should end up with a small choice. If you make sure you at least know the names of some of the drugs and have an idea about what you’d like, it will mean you understand the options.

Best of luck.


Thank you Sue x

The reviews of the Addenbrookes neurologists who specialises in MS are quite good. 2 of them are responsible for the clinical trial that brought Lemtrada in to the MS world as a treatment. One of them is now involved in the research into Metaformin for MS.