Adapting spray bottle

I’m an occupational Therapist and have been asked by a patient with hand function problems how she can dispense her spray based medication to make her independent. There are no options in changing the meds. Any ideas would be very welcome.

if you remember those fancy sprays that people used to have on their dressing tables in the sixties, they could possibly be good for the purpose of applying medication when your hands have gone to sh*t.

the sprays that i’m talking about had a large squeezy thing, like a soft ball which your lady may be able to use.

probably not the right thing at all but thought it was worth a mention.

my auntie had one on her dressing table when i was 3 years old. how i coveted everything on that dressing table!

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I typed in “Perfume rubber ball dispenser” and found this; I think they’re called atomisers.

Image result for perfume rubber ball dispenser

There’s loads more as well.


ask the pharmacist perhaps? i ask them re medication rather than gp.



you got it!

have you been stealing my memories of auntie muriel’s dressing table, i bet you have!

carole x

The question is what is the spray method she’s having trouble with? And why? For example, if she can’t use an aerosol, can she decant the spray into a non aerosol type spray? Eg ADs suggestion of an old perfume spray. Or does it have to remain sterile?

I’ve experimented with decanting an aerosol spray adhesive remover into a simple non aerosol bottle from a supermarket.

But it depends what the nature of the spray is, whether it has to be sterile and what your patient can do / use.


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Is the spray Sativex by any chance? Comes in a small aerosol container. Then it could be the sub-lingual nitro spray for heart conditions - not an aerosol, but a miniature pump sptay. One suggestion: You can get a trigger device to clip onto a standard car “touch-up” paint spray. Any competent machinist could turn up an adapter to hold the med spray inside the trigger device. This would allow a squeeze actuation rather than requiring the use of just one finger. No, I am not going to offer to make one, but I could certainly draw one. Geoff