Adaptations to Bathroom and LA Funding

My partner has had some adaptations to the bathroom but ideally would like a step in bath (with low step) with a “lift” into and out of the bath as and when required. The LA will only fund a wet room/shower on the grounds that you can get a wheelchair in and it allows someone to help my partner wash and that they just “do not fund step in baths” - their main argument being that you have to sit in it for it to fill up and empty!

Our argument has been that having a step in bath with a “lift” seat (or similar) into it will give my partner true independence as she would have to rely on someone else to help with the shower, for example, you either have to shower in the wheelchair! or remove yourself from the wheelchair onto a seat and then remove the wheelchair so that is does not get wet. Whereas it would be easier for my partner on a good day to step into the bath via the door or on a bad day to transport herself from the wheelchair onto the lift seat?

Anyone else had this problem? Any suggestions/help/advice? - Thank you

Hi, as far as I know it is only wet room/ level access shower that they will fund. There is (they say) a health and safety problem with filling up the bath whilst in it… ie that you could scald yourself (although surely they could adjust it so water couldn’t be scalding?)… however, that’s their argument not mine.

I live in sheltered and loads of us have had LA funded level-access showers put in. Some people have asked for step-in baths but have always been refused due to scalding problem (there may also be a funding argument… the showers might be cheaper).

Not sure if there is a way you could get them to change their mind. Surf the net… if you could find even one incident where an LA has funded a step-in bath you could use that to support your argument.

Good luck,

Pat x

One of those baths figure highly on my wish list.

I love my wet room but there is nothing nicer than a bath on a cold day or when your muscles are aching.

On the scalding front the new baths have saftey features to prevent this and they fill and empty super fast so that you don’t get cold but they are very expensive compared to a wet room and I don’t hold out much hope that they will pay.