Does anyone else ache all over? My spine aches and it radiates to my shoulders and right down my legs. I feel like i have been exercising and over doing it but i haven’t, i feel shattered.

Yep - I have no dx as yet but have suffered as you describe. Luckily only lasted two days - I was certainly cream crackered by it. Chiropractor helped, I think.

I haven’t been diagnosed officially yet either Dinks. I have booked an apt with an osteopath for 2 weeks time. Did yours feel structural? I feel like mines stemming from my back and its radiating everywhere else.

Felt it most in shoulders. Couldn’t lift arms. I have cervical myelopathy so it may have something to do with it but I have never had that affect my legs. Like you it was all over. I felt I had spent all day in the saddle although I was not walking like John Wayne!

I’m aching all over too, but I have been putting it down to walking funny and carrying myself oddly. Perhaps it isn’t? I am also seeing a chiropractor which helps. I’m still waiting for neuro physio from August.