Aching neck for 6 weeks

Afternoon all

I’m seeing my neurologist next week but just wondering if anyone can give any insight.

6 weeks ago, for no reason I can think of my neck became really prickly and ached intensely, it spread up the back of my head slightly too. As soon as I sat up in the mornings my neck would ache and my head would feel really heavy.

The thing I find strange is that as bad as the ache is it isn’t stiff. This intensity lasted about 4 days, I also frequently felt quite faint but didn’t actually faint.

Since then it has eased off somewhat but is still aching and hasn’t got any better from when it initially eased off after those four days. My eyes feel pressure behind them too at time but this doesn’t last long

Has anyone had any experience of this. I find that moving it isn’t a problem but anything where it is still for more than a few moments and it starts with the aching. I’ve never had any neck trouble and can’t understand it. It is not tender to touch at all.

Thank you

try a wheat pack which is U shaped to fit around the neck.

warm it in the microwave and it is very soothing.

i’m concerned about the pressure in your eyes.

tell your GP and see an optician.

you say that it is worse when sitting still so check your posture as you may need a different chair.

apologies for a muddled reply but i hope it has helped.

Thanks for your reply and your advice which I have taken!

I think my posture may play a strong part in it- I am hoping the neurologist will be able to help, my muscles are really tight and have been caging/cramping a lot too over the past week so hoping to get some answers to this.

arrggghhh- I feel like I fell asleep one night and woke up with an old woman’s body!

hey i totally get you with the old woman’s body!

i turned 60 last october, i feel 80 but inside i’m a silly 12 year old.

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