Accident and Emergency Department at Glangwilli Hospital Disgusting.

A friends little girl got her foot trapped in the sliding van door so off we all went to hospital.

It was ok at first it was a two and a half hour wait.Then it went up to three and a half hour wait and as we all know that will be more like four hours or more.

So we are up there with three kids in towe.As we arrive police are outside with a prisoner who had fallen while being arrested screamed bloody murder as he got a bloody nose.Then there is the heroin addicts there.Then the guy with handcuffs and leg cuffs who complained of a bad belly,yeah any excuse to try not to go to jail.

Then we have a little girl of about 8 with a borken wrist,a little boy with a broken arm.Then a man and his daughter are brought in via ambulance,his head is constantly bleeding he had a terrible headache and he was left in the waiting area with not even a bandage for his head,his 12 yearold daughter had to run back and forth and ask the reseptionist for tissues.A family with there very ill disabled daughter left to wait.And many more.

We were ALL then put at the back of the que while heroin addicts got treated first,a criminal with a bloody nose and a man pretending to have a bad belly in leg cuffs and handcuffs.

Defies belife that these scum are treated way before those in more of a need that children with broken limbs have to wait longer crying in terrible pain all because scum are more important than them…

BUT what was worst the police were chatting to a man that they appeared to know who had just driven to the hospital stinking of alchol and did NOTHING about the guy.They guy was stinking of booze and turned me sickly.

What a society we live in when drug addicts,alcholics get priority over the inncoent,that these people get DLA and ESA and those in need get nothing.

Brilliant world we live in is it not?

Oh yes I am angry.

But the kids all enjoyed themselves as I had them all playing many diffrent games and passed the four hours away that we were there and the 8 yearold little girl was still waiting to be seen.


Hello Jellybean,

Its such a shame that you don,t live near Manchester. We have a childrens hospital with its own A&E department. There are patients however that need treatment that we dont get to se, with life or death situations. Its a damm shame that you were treated like you were. It makes my blood boil when i see stories like yourself and many others that are treated like this!! Most A&E staff never stop. From the moment there shift starts to the time of them finishing it. Most staff don,t get to se the waiting room. Maybe a complaint from your good self is needed?


Hi Charlie, what you have described is very familiar to me also as this was almost exactly the same scenario in the A&E at St Georges in London. About a year ago I fell down some stairs indoors and banged my head on my living room door breaking a pan of glass in the process, I wasn’t knocked out but felt very dizzy and a bit sick. I wasn’t that worried about me but very concerned about the broken glass all over the place because I have cats and was worried about them cutting themselves. I wasn’t feeling able to stand up long enough to clear it up myself so I phoned a good friend (who is also a neighbour and has keys to my house in case of emergency) and he came straight over to help but insisted on calling an ambulance because I was starting to feel quite unwell by this time, even though I didn’t want him to. Ambulance came and the guys checked me over for concussion but said I needed further investigation at hospital and took me to A&E at St Georges in Tooting, London. What a bliddy nightmare that was!! I was literally wheeled in and dumped into a very large assessment room and my first impression was of being shocked by all the extremely noisy shouting and swearing going on from the drunks and druggies, a couple of them also had police escorts and I witnessed exactly the same as you, they got all the attention because of the disruption they were causing. One pi$$head was actually shouting out for a drink and something to eat and can you believe it he had staff running around bringing him coffee and a sandwich!! I laid there with a banging headache and feeling dizzy and sick for FIVE HOURS while the staff dealt with all these lowlifes first, before a doctor eventually got round to me and I was finally admitted for observation. I can honestly say it was the worst night of my life and I never, ever want to experience it again. I realise A&E departments have to deal with all kinds of people with all kinds of injuries in all situations but most of what I witnessed that night and what I heard being said by the police to the staff the injuries appeared to be mainly self inflicted by drunks falling over or getting into fights, and the druggies who had minor injuries but weren’t making any sense at all and were taken there by the police as a precaution, and I’m sorry but in my opinion all of these cases should be last in the queue to be seen, not first. Rant over.

Horrible and makes us angry.I do understand that staff work very very hard and have to deal with many situations in there jobs even putting themselves at risk.I can also understand that these people can become violent and they should be delt with then shipped off to jail.They are then less of a problem to others.

It also depends on were you live and how high or low the numbers of criminals or drug users live in the area.But surley a child with a broken wrist is more important than a alcholic or druggie?

One little boy aged about three such a sweet little thing had a broken arm and was crying in pain,he also had to wait several hours.He did manage to eat his Macdonalds and cheer up a little.

But for a 12 yearold to become her dads carer and have to tend to her fathers head bleeding is realy not on.

I can say thank god it was not a weekend at A n E.Because then we would of been stuck there until the early hours of the morning with those who self inflict on themselves.

BUT I think there should be a seprate room away from us more normal people were these low lifes can wait out of the way of us genuine people who didnt inflict the suffering on ourselves via drugs and alchol.

One heroin addict was highly adgitated and was growling and making loud throaty noises.That surley is wrong were frighten,hurt children are waiting to be tended to?

There should be a better system of dealing with these types away from the decent public and there children?


I tell you what they want to do with those scum hun, stick em in a room with enough of their vices to make sure they finish the job of shortening their lives quickly. Save the NHS a whole load of money, time & energy & decent people would get the attention they needed. Really got no time for idiots who have health & life & they CHOOSE to abuse it. Not very pc I know but heyho!!! Tracey xx

Same over here in Antrim A&E, I had my Dad down who was very ill with coilitis etc but drunks seem to take priority, the ambulance picks them up at the door and they go straight past us folk sitting in the waiting area…

I see I am NOT alone with this.

Yet the local housing think sticking these type people in a nice area that the good in others will rub off on the bad and make them good.What a load of TWODDLE.It just means the good peoples homes get burgled.

They should NOT jump the que for self inflicted wounds or drug taking BUT keep them in a seprate room away from those who genuinley need help.Let them wait there turn.

None of us asked to be ill as we are BUT just think a drunk or druggie will take there place in the ques ahead of us when we are the ones who realy need the help.

I am disgusetd,just shows I do not go to A n E very often,I have not been in over 10 years and oh boy things have changed so much.