Accessible clothing

Hi all. Hope I’m OK to post this in here.

There’s a pitching competition going on at the moment called Voom. It’s run by Virgin and allows start-ups and individuals with an idea for a business or social enterprise to publish a short pitch. The public can then vote to push the pitch they support up the leader board. If that pitch ends up in the top 80, it makes the semifinals and has a chance of winning cash, mentorship and other support. The person behind the idea has a chance of getting it in front of Richard Branson.

One of the projects is mine it aims to make sure that disabled consumers are represented in and by the fashion industry. My enterprise is called Kintsugi Clothing and its aim is to design and create beautiful, useful clothing (initially womenswear) that’s easy to wear for people with impairments, as well as those without.

I’m funding the sampling process myself and that’s going on with a manufacturer at the moment, but it would be amazing to get some backing to create the first collection in a wide range of sizes and start changing the way the fashion industry perceives (or ignores, as the case may be, people with impairments).

If this is something you like the sound of, please vote for me and share with friends and family. My pitch can be found here:

​Thank you :slight_smile:

I think this is a great idea. I’m fed up with struggling with small buttons that I can’t do up, or zips where I can’t get the teeth to mesh. Yes, there are tops without fastenings, but I like to wear smart blouses from time to time.