I have just purchased a Renault Kangoo wheelchair adapted vehicle but need to change the push/pull hand controls as the accelerator is very heavy. Too heavy for any distance as i have weakened strength in my right arm.

What i think i need is a lightened accelerator - does anyone have any experience of this? I have also been shown a trigger throttle but have been told they are so light they can take a lot of getting used to. A bit like the radial control that fits either over or under the steering wheel which are very costly. I’m afraid of paying out and then not getting on with the hand controls.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.


Hi Gill

You could try having an assessment at a mobility centre (google ‘forum of mobility centres’ and you should find their details and where the nearest one to you is). They should have a few different types of control on offer that you could try. I had an assessment at one before I started driving and got to try out three different types of contro, and I found it an invaluable experience. If you qualify for Motability then it should be free to have the assessment.

Hope that helps.


Hi Gill

I would second what “Dan” is saying, and at some of the mobility centres they also have static simulators where you can have an assessment/good try of the different types of controls.

Take care.

Chris R.

I. El. (Eng). (Rtd).