Absolutely Petrified!!!


As per my title I am absolutely petrified right now and convinced I have all the symptoms of MS.

About 10 days ago I noticed that I was getting numbness in my left foot which carried on for a few days and continued on and off up my leg. On Friday I woke up in the middle of the night and was completely numb down my left side which freaked me out and I took myself to A&E where I had a CT scan and some blood tests before being admitted to the stroke ward as the only thing they could think of was that I had a possible minor stroke. They advised I needed an MRI scan however as it was now the weekend and I wouldn’t be able to have one they felt they could discharge me and have one as an urgent outpatient which I am having this weekend.

My symptoms currently are a strange feeling in my left leg including on and off pins and needles and numbness. When I first noticed this I also had pins and needles in my face and felt like I was dribbling as well as having issues on a couple of occasions getting my words out. Over the last couple of days my feet particularly my left one has been freezing cold also. My left buttock is also numb and sorry to much information but I feel like the left side of my vagina is too. I do not think I have had a stroke as I did not loose strength at all.

ive obviously been checking my symptoms online and convinced I have MS which is scaring me!! I don’t know what to do. I expect I need to wait for my head MRI on Sunday and the results as this should pick up possible ms?

sorry I just need to talk to someone,

thank you, Jo

Yeah well, NEVER DO A DR GOOGLE. Theres a reason they send drs to ned schools for 4 years…After an MRI you will probably see a neurologist and he/she will be able to tell you. It may not be MS, could be many things. Try and relax a bit.

Absolutely keep away from Google! It will convince you that you have everything!

A neuro appointment will probably follow the MRI…maybe more tests too.

You’ve jumped the gun a bit, you may not have MS at all as it’s symptoms mimic many other diseases. Leave it to the experts to diagnose, good luck


Like everyone else has said never use dr google. I saw a programme a while ago about people using it and a young woman had convinced herself she had a brain tumour after using google because she had a headache that had lasted 2 days. If it turns out to be ms it is not the end of the world. Like Crazy Chick said we are all still here

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You’ve done the initial tests. See what the outcome of those are. They may be able to tell straight away what the diagnosis is or may require more tests. Not knowing is the worst part. Good luck.

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I agree to an extent that we shouldn’t rely too heavily on Google and that of course you absolutely must have MRIs and possibly LP and other tests too - However, my own GP uses Google anytime I go and see him and in all honesty I found Google helpful because one of the first sites I came too was this one!! I was then able to gain the advice of experts in the field of MS.

So how did it go? Do let us know although you`ll be waiting for an out patient appointment now. Take care xx

Everybody Googles - it doesn’t help much, but everybody does it. 20+ years ago, I was doing the same on whatever it was that we all used before Google. My first presenting symptoms were rather similar to yours, as a matter of fact, but that certainly doesn’t meant that yours will turn out to be MS too, although it might be on the list of things that the doctors will want to exclude as they figure out what is the matter.

All I can suggest is that you take some deep breaths and buckle in for what might be a lengthy and at times frustrating time as the doctors do their work. Neurological things can take time to diagnose, and they don’t always come to anything - a flurry of symptoms can flare up and ebb away, never to return, so you shouldn’t even assume that there is something the matter with you that they can give a name too, or something that will ever trouble you further. So don’t panic. But of course you’re worried - who wouldn’t be when alarming symptoms appear out of nowhere? Just take it steadily, and I hope that you find some clarity soon.


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