Absolute Poverty is a lie

The newspapers and the TV channels have been on about absolute Poverty for the last week, I got int quitea debate about it on twitter after posting on my blog. http://disableddon.blogspot.co.uk/2014/06/absolute-poverty-is-lie.html

I surgest any of us on benefits are reguarded as being in absolute poverty its made me feel rather worthless how do you feel about it?

Don,sitting in a darkened room in Margate

HEEE HEEE the reason it is darkened the sun is streaming in and got curtains pulled trying to keep it cool in here

Hi Don I read your article and agree with what you say in principal. But isn’t it how we see ourselves that counts, not what a load of paper clip counters in suits think? If they need to put people into boxes - let them, you know what you really are.

Hiya Don, Britain, a person on benefits = poor. Chad, Malawi etc, no benefits at all so person is in poverty, how can anyone in this country say their lives are lived in poverty they should live in the slums of other countries and they would miss the comforts of here, Brian

Cheers folks it really hacked me off that I was being labled and that as Brian says Lots of country’s are in Real Poverty not percieved. I wont go to bed tonight and feel hunger pains or if my toe drops off I can get medications to stick it back on,

Feeling rather smug now