About to go for MRI

hi all


I am about to go to the RVI (next Friday) for an MRI

I’ve had a leg go numb with burning cold sensation in it. Visual problems 3 times whereby I can’t see through the ripples and labyrthitis (sp) last year which was so bad I thought I was having a stroke or something!

Had neuro appointment at RVI start of June and letter to GP says right eye differential pupillary defect and pale optic disc. (went for an eye test an opticians the week after and before I got this copy of GP letter, and they never even noticed the optic disc thing so I went in and asked to look at the pics of back of eye they took and this different optician said yes, they agreed the optic disc was slightly paler, but only if you were looking for it) Weakness in right leg and clonus in ankle and knee. Consistent with upper motor neuron syndrome.

This past month my right eye has been sore when I moved it but I thought it was pointless going to the doc about it!

good luck Ali

hope all goes well.

carole x

Hi Aliscot,

Does one of your eyes; sometimes look bigger than the other? If so it is called Afferent Papillary Defect and I must applaud your GP for knowing this. You will only see this by looking in a mirror.

Glad your Optician now agrees with GP.


It was the neuro consult that picked up the eye problem. (unless the doc saw something, although he didn’t examine me)

What do you mean by the eye might look bigger than the other ? Do you mean the coloured bit…the pupil or the entire eye? I must admit I have never noticed but have spent the last 10 mins staring intently in the mirror

As for the optician, I was a bit peeved with him to be honest. He didn’t notice the problem in the eye even though it was literally 4 days after my neuro consult! Lady who lives next door to me had a brain tumour picked up by an optician so I presumed if there was anything wrong he would have noticed!

It was only when I went back and asked to see the pics (after getting the neuro letter) that the different optician was like oooo, errrr, well yes it does look pale.

I think if I’d had the letter by the time of the optician appointment I would have said nothing and waited to see if he’d picked it up and then when he said nothing, shown him the letter.

But anyway, it’s teaching me that the medical profession aren’t infallible

thank you!

Hi Aliscott,

If you see; no pun intended afferent pupillary defect - multiple sclerosis encyclopaedia


so 13 days since MRI and the suspense is killing me. So I emailed the hospital and someone rang back this morning. They looked at notes and said report is done, and I will get the results on 30 OCTOBER when I next have an appointment! I don’t think so like lol! They said ring GP,the report is available on ICE, so did that and the secretary at GPs said report not on there. So I rang hospital again asking to speak to consultant’s secretary, who isn’t in until tomorrow. The best I can hope for off her is a sooner appointment that someone has cancelled I presume. I don’t know in what universe a FOUR MONTH wait is acceptable to be told if you do or don’t have a serious illness is acceptable. If I wasn’t so pushy and thinking of ways to get the results quicker I would be sitting all that time freaking out. They need to find a faster way of giving people their results!

Hi aliscott, I had an MRI recently and have an up and coming appointment with neurologist… my neurologist asked for me to phone her secretary when MRI was done so she could chase the results - so I do think it is worth calling secretary tomorrow and asking for an earlier appointment. Also I was in GPs recently to get blood test results and he was able to view and tell me of the MRI ‘report’… so I would keep asking them as well. Good luck x