abormal romberg and tadem gait...

Quick question…

If I have an abnormal Romberg and can’t do a tandem gait without falling/stumbling to one side, do these in themelves suggest MS? Seeing neurologist tomorrow, and can’t quite believe this is finally happening after 5 months.

Sorry - those things sound like something you might back each way in the 2.15 at Kempton, but beyond that I have no idea what they are. Welcome to the wacky world of neurological terms!

Good luck with your appointment.


If “tandem gait” is heel to toe walking then the neurologist will ask you to do that as part of the examination. I cannot walk heel to toe, even one step, without falling to one side but the neurologist I saw on Monday did not seem too bothered about it or indeed any of my other MS-like symptoms:)


I’m not sure what those things mean either. But, regardless of symptoms, what the neurologist will look for is a combination of factors, physical examination being one, MRI being the most important of the others.

Good luck for tomorrow.


My neurologist didn’t ask me to do any of that, mainly just to follow his finger as he moved it around, then asked me to stand on one leg and hop, then poked me asking if I can feel it on feet and legs etc. Oh, and checked for the Lhermitte’s sign.

I don’t think I ‘passed’ those though as I am booked for an MRI in Jan.

Goodluck tomorrow!