This morning, walking the short distance from the train to work, I felt that tickle in my nose that invariably leads to a monstrous sneeze. My left leg is very weak and I am quite unbalanced when I walk but I’m ok over short distances. So when the inevitable sneeze occurred, I staggered three steps to my right and nearly fell over a hedge. It must have looked very strange to all the other commuters seeing someone apparently being blown off their feet by a sneeze!

Just thought I’d share


Bless you, Jake!!

That made me smile. That’s the kind of thing that happens to me. I live near the coast and it can often be a bit blustery to say the least. On the rare days that I walk (stagger) to work the wind often blows me off course. On my physio’s advice I now use my stick for all but the shortest of distances as she pointed out that, not only does it keep me safer, it stops the general public assuming I am drunk! I don’t help matters because when I am trying to go in one direction and the wind/my legs take me the opposite way, I realise how it must look and get the giggles!

Tracey x

Thanks Tracey

I did have a bit of a chuckle to myself when I realised what I must have looked like. I do have a stick but I’m stubborn about using it. Feels like giving in somehow or at least admitting that It’s getting the better of me, so for short distances I try not to use it. Maybe I’ll have to start bringing it in to work.

On a similar note, I was swimming at the weekend for the first time in years. Depending on which stroke I was doing I was either rolling over or swimming in circles. Wondered what was going on until I realsied my left leg wasn’t working at the same rate as my right. Doh! I had a laugh about that as well. God knows what the other swimmers were thinking!


I haven’t tried swimming since MS. I keep meaning to but I do worry that I won’t be able to get out of the pool when the fatigue hits. I remember how swimming makes you feel weightless until you try to get out of the pool so I really wonder how I’ll feel now …

I remember joking to my son one day when my right leg was twitching and the left leg was seized up. I told him if you see me going round in circles it isn’t my fault as I have one leg that won’t stop moving and one that won’t move at all, ha ha! He thought I had gone mad!

Tracey x

ms does cause some ‘interesting’ side effects. a few months ago i sneezed, in the kitchen, and head butted a wall cabinet trying to get my balance. the worst thing was turning round to find my cat looking at me like i was a moron, cheers moggy!

wendy x