A year with bags

Hello, it’s been a year with a colostomy and catheter.

I hope this information can give encouragement to those thinking of taking the plunge.


Thank you SS …always informative as well as light hearted info! When I see that Johann Sebastian BACH pic… it takes me back to when I tinkled the ivories pre d***ed MS when hands manual dexterity was hunky dory! Air on a G string comes to mind! Mrs A nonemouse

Bach’s Preludes and Fugues.

I actually learnt seven of them for exams and performances. The F-sharp minor book 1 I did for my diploma. He’s still a big part of my life.

Best wishes.

I too have a bag a urostomy bag this has saved myife. My bladder and urethra were removed a few year ago due to severe interstitial cystitis only nuisance is the leaks and the constant utis I face.